In Between: Perspectives on Migration, 2016 - BERLIN - NEW YORK CITY - BUDAPEST - CHEMNITZ (Karl-Marx-Stadt) - Hong Kong

SOON (Summer 2017) Southkorea


Claudia Schmitz
In Between: Perspectives on Migration, 2016
Video projection onto wind-activated sculptures made from found plastic bags
video|recycled plastic bags|multiple street installation with QR-Codes (dimensions variable)


Schmitz reactivates waste by recycling found plastic bags into wind-activated sculptures. Installed in the city landscape, they serve as three-dimensional, moving screens for her video-projections. In Between shows images from the Mediterranean, creating simultaneous impressions of leisure and drowning, referencing the current refugee crisis in Europe: asking questions about privilege, waste, wealth distribution, racism, and disparities in the value of human life.

Claudia Schmitz’s interventions can be found in New York City, Berlin, Budapest, Chemnitz (Karl-Marx-Stadt) and Hong Kong
and this documentation via QR-Codes in the cities. -